Broughton Water Buffalo

DISCOVER Rich, Lean Buffalo Meat from Water Buffalo grazed and grown on the Chalk Downs in Hampshire.

Our buffalo are reared on grass and clover pastures without any concentrates (no bought-in cereal based feeds to speed up growth) and receive no routine medicines or antibiotics. Animals are slaughtered locally and carcasses are returned to the farm for hanging and butchering.

Before Broughton Water Buffalo, going green never tasted so good!

Our meat is sold fresh from the farm, online, at local farmers markets, and at pubs and restaurants in the area.

ONLINE DELIVERY SERVICE! Check out our Online Shop to Build Your Own Box or buy one of our set ones!

Local Box Scheme

Broughton Box Scheme making it easy for the local community to benefit from our finest local produce with a minimal environmental impact.

Event Catering

We offer a full catering service which we can bring to your party or wedding, alternatively we can host your event at the farm.