Dark Times, but Trees Cheer Us Up!

It is very good thing to see how the tree planting project is really starting to get going here at Broughton Water Buffalo. Some might remember from past blatherings about the farm, or seen firsthand, that we have planted thousands of trees over the last 15 years, and now gradually they are really starting to change the landscape. In time they will provide shade and shelter, protect the farm from extremes of weather (we are having to get used to that…) provide an abundant fuel source, and become a haven for wildlife. And as well as all that, young fast growing trees are a prodigious hoover of atmospheric carbon.

So even though many of the trees are only just emerging from their protective guards they already signify such potential, and in this horribly troubled world are a deeply cheering and uplifting sight to behold. And God knows we need some of them…

So maybe possibly we can hope that the government, when they form a new policy for farming, will read this and encourage the farmers to plant trees.
A farming and food policy that invests in more resilient and less environmentally damaging systems, protecting soil and improving it for the future, enabling recovery of wildlife populations, reducing waste and improving flood protection has to be the way to go.

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