Good News for Wildlife!

Twenty local farmers have joined together to improve the natural environment across 4550 hectares in the Wallop Brook catchment area of Hampshire, from above where the brook rises in Over Wallop, down to the Test at Bossington.

We have set up this group to work together on a landscape scale to enhance and restore natural habitats and better aid conservation of important species including water vole, brown trout, the rare corn bunting and grey partridge, brown hare, bats, owls and rare butterflies and moths.

Wildlife ‘corridors’ will link up different habitats such as ancient woodland, natural grassland, the water meadows and river itself, and areas will be planted up with wild flower mixtures for the benefit of bees and insects in the summer. Likewise winter bird feed areas will be established to help them through winter.

We are already monitoring water quality and river life to see where further improvements to river health and habitat can be made, and will be working to improve soil management to improve soil health and resilience against our increasingly erratic climate….

The group will also be engaging with local schools and colleges as well as the local community, to show how positive joined up management can enable wildlife to flourish within the farmed landscape.

We hope that this voluntary farmer network will really benefit our local flora and fauna; good for wildlife and good for us all!

For any further information about the project, or local farming matters more generally do get in touch:


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