Delicious buffalo meat from a natural farming system

Discover rich, lean buffalo meat from water buffalo grazed and grown on the chalk downs in Hampshire. The meat is sold fresh from the farm, at local farmers markets, and at pubs and restaurants in the area.

Our buffalo are reared on grass and clover pastures without any concentrates (bought in cereal based feeds to speed up growth) and receive no routine medicines or antibiotics. Animals are slaughtered locally and carcasses are returned to the farm for hanging and butchering.

Why buffalo meat

Buffalo meat is naturally high in protein and low in fat. Further information on the benefits of grass fed meat can be found on the Pasture for Life website:

Where to buy

Our on-site farm shop, which also sells other local free-range meat and various goodies, is open between 9am and 5pm Thurs – Fri or between 10am – 1pm on Saturday. You can also find us at the Winchester and Romsey Hampshire Farmers’ Markets. At the markets we sell a range of our fresh meat products, and serve our delicious Buffalo Burgers with sizzling onions, melted cheese or spicy chilli jam. Yum.

Cooking buffalo meat

Buffalo meat can be substituted for beef in any beef recipe, it is great with spices and makes a superb slow cooked chilli, a quick stir fry, a warming cottage pie or a simple steak with chips. Cook gently – no hard searing – to bring out the flavour. Get a buffalo topside for Sunday dinner and have leftover sandwiches all week. For something special, do a 6 hour slow cook brisket: delicious.


Before Broughton Buffalo, going green never tasted so good!

Buffalo Burgers

Our quarter-pounder buffalo burgers are 95% buffalo meat. They can be fried, grilled or barbecued. At the farmers market we serve them with a sweet but pokey chilli jam. Mustard, ketchup, and onion marmalade are also popular accompaniments.

Buffalo Steaks

Buffalo steaks benefit from being brought to room temperature before cooking and given a minute or two’s rest in the pan at the end of cooking. Try finely slicing rump or sirloin steak and marinating it with olive oil, garlic, fresh ginger, chilli flakes, and fresh coriander – stir fry and serve on a bed of basmati rice.

Stewing Meat

Ideal for stews and casseroles buffalo meat produces a tender and healthy dish without a layer of fat sitting on top, and without compromising on flavour. Slow, gentle cooking brings out the best in buffalo meat and keeps it moist and tender.

Roasting Joints

As when cooking any joint it is best to unwrap the meat and bring it to room temperature before cooking and rest the joint, wrapped in foil before serving. To season, try rubbing the buffalo joint with mustard powder and flour or just olive oil, salt and pepper, and place in a roasting dish with the fat uppermost.

Buffalo Mince

Buffalo mince is beautifully lean and is ideal in dishes like bolognaise, lasagne and chilli con carne. A long slow cook produces best results. You can also use it to make your own burgers by mixing buffalo mince with finely chopped onion, Lea and Perrins, salt and pepper, and finely chopped parsley. Shape in to burgers and fry or grill.

Buffalo Forerib

The ultimate roasting joint, the buffalo forerib is the bovine equivalent of a rack of lamb. Allow 1.5kg per 3-4 people.

Topside and Silverside

These can be roasted or braised on a bed of vegetables. After an initial blast, cover the joint and cook slowly. Pot roasting works very well too.

Rolled Rump and Rolled Sirloin

These are great cuts and fine joints for roasting. Rub with oil, season, roast fast, and serve pink.

Whole Fillet

Supremely tender, buffalo fillets are highly prized by chefs and gourmets. In a 250 – 300kg buffalo carcass, there is a mere 3.5 – 4kg of fillet. It has a generous and exquisite flavour.

Local Box Scheme

Broughton Box Scheme making it easy for the local community to benefit from our finest local produce with a minimal environmental impact.

Event Catering

We offer a full catering service which we can bring to your party or wedding, alternatively we can host your event at the farm.